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Your step-by-step guide to building a thriving sports club

How to Build a Thriving Community Sports Club

(even if you have no time or money!)

Dear Friend,

If you volunteer at a community sports club you'll know how challenging it can be.

It's tireless (and sometimes, thankless) work.  I know - I've volunteered at my local Rugby club for 20 years and there have been times when I've wanted to throw the towel in (along with the bucket, sponge and anything else I could get my hands on!).

And we're not alone.  Many community sports club volunteers feel overworked, frustrated and undervalued.

But why?​


It's often because the club lacks two things - ONE: members, TWO; money.  BUT...

What if you had a steady stream of members who grew your volunteer group all eager to help out, willing to take on projects and who all pulled together under the banner of a common cause?

What if you had enough money to start and complete the BIG projects like refurbishing the club house, buying new equipment or just building some quality changing rooms?

How would that feel?

Sadly, too many clubs survive on the goodwill of a handful of volunteers drawn from a small membership and minimal income.

If that feels familiar, then you're going to love my course: "Grow Your Sports Club: Win The Game."

It does what it says on the tin and will help you get more volunteers and earn more money so you can build a better sporting future for your players and their families.

Join me on a journey and together we will transform your sports club into a thriving success.

Yours in sport,

John Oates

Discover the simple strategies to growing your community sports club without stress, time or working harder!

A UNIQUE course for the community sports club:

Simple 'how-to' training course to help you grow your membership, sponsorship, volunteers and income in under 3 MONTHS!

18 Videos with simple, clear explanations and NO jargon.​

Practical examples with step-by-step instructions.

Suitable for every size of club from 10 to 100 players and beyond

4 incredible BONUSES 


Grow Your Sports Club: Win The Game


If you want a better sports club with more volunteers, members, families, coaches and money then keep reading...

I’ve worked for over 20 years helping sports clubs grow. These clubs included a range of professional cricket, rugby and football clubs as well as hundreds of community sports clubs attached to Governing bodies such as the, ECB, ERB, RFL, RFU, SRU and many more.  Plus, I've directly helped over a thousand club volunteers.

But that's not why you should listen to me.

During those two decades I've also worked as a volunteer in a community sports club and the startling truth is this:

There is no difference between your club and a multi-million-pound club like Manchester United or Saracens. 


You both suffer from the same problems - getting sponsorship, attracting members, keeping people engaged, etc.  The only difference is scale.

So, I've taken everything I've learned from both the professional and amateur clubs and condensed it down into ONE quick and easy training course that will set your club on course for profitable stress-free success this season and beyond.


How This Course Will Help You

  • Bring more members into your club eager to help

  • Get businesses scrambling to give you sponsorship money 

  • Use your membership price list to increase your income 

  • Easily increase your club's income without having to 'sell' memberships

  • Attract and keep families willing to regularly spend money with you

  • Keep members, volunteers and businesses loyal to you year after year



International Sports Club Growth Expert

I'm John Oates and I've spent over 20 years working with sports clubs and bodies around the world to help them become successful and grow.

Here are a few I've personally helped; England Cricket Board, England Rugby, Newcastle Falcons, Wigan Warriors, Premier Rugby...

I know how stressful, tiring and difficult running a sports club can be (I've been volunteer at my local rugby club for over X years now).

And I know how much effort, dedication and care you put into your club.  It's much more than just a club - it's a passion and a cause.  You want it to succeed - and I want to help you make that a reality.

So, let's get on and build your club to champion status.  Simply download my free guide now and let's begin the journey together.


learn at your own pace

From the moment you log in I'll give you access to the whole course.

This includes all the videos, workbooks and supporting materials ​so you can work through it at your own pace.

Plus, the course is permanently there for you so you can come back to it whenever you want


step-by-step instructions

Discover the simple ways you can attract businesses to your club

Learn how to win over families and players alike with the same strategy that I've successfully used in PREMIERSHIP CLUBS!

Steal my letters, emails and more to use in your club to attract new members and families.

get personal support from me

Get personal, direct support from me in my GOLD CLUB Private Members Facebook group.

Ask any question and I'll be in touch with an answer!  Plus, you'll be able to connect with other course participants and benefit from the support of the wider sporting community.




Getting Sponsorship the Easy Way

  • The truth behind Gallagher and their sponsorship of Premiership Rugby (and what you can learn from this).

  • The 5 surprising reasons a sponsor will want to invest in your club.

  • Exposed: The fatal flaw with most sponsorship deals.

  • The 8 places where sponsors can advertise at your club which almost no club offers them all despite all having them.

  • Why success is not enough for lots of business and how that can help swell your club's bank balance.

  • The 8 industries which are looking to give you money.


Building a Thriving Membership

  • The 4 secrets to growing your club's membership.

  • Discover the 9 membership types you should be offering which can double your clubs income.

  • The ONE PIECE of information missing from memberships which could have more people spending more money with you every year.

  • Three simple ideas to getting your membership prices right.

  • How to sell your memberships without being 'salesy'. 

  • 3 Killer reasons why keeping your members will outflank your competition and keep your club growing (without any more effort from you).

  • The SHOCKING REASONS why clubs lose members and the easy way to avoid that happening to you.


Winning Over High Paying Families

  • The 5 ways families spend at your club and what you can do to increase them.

  • The REAL REASON why families are leaving your club.

  • Here's the clear strategy for you to attract new families for your club.

  • What you need to offer families to get them signed up for the years to come.  (Almost every club fails to get all these!).

  • Steal my actual letters and emails which you can send to parents to turn them into members.

  • PRECISELY what you should do when new families join.



In this extra special bonus video , I'll give you my 20-years key insights from working with the big professional clubs on how they get and keep members.

Here are few of the things you'll discover:

  • The 3 REAL reasons you want to keep your members, players and supporters.

  • Discover the tricks professional clubs use to create fans.

  • How to make supporters return to your club again and again. 

  • How to find out EXACTLY what your fans REALLY want from your club.

  • The 8 things parents want for their children.

  • Learn the true value of your members and who in your club really needs to know. 


What holds nearly every sports club from achieving true greatness is leadership.

Get that right and it can transform your club overnight.  Get it wrong and the results can be catastrophic. 


Here's a few things you'll learn in this video training.

  • The 5 vital expectations you should have from your leadership team and leader.

  • What happens to clubs with poor leadership and how to spot the tell-tale signs.

  • The trap many clubs fall into that costs them players and members - and how to avoid it.

  • What your leadership team needs to know NOW before they do anything.

  • The 4 things you need to have to create a culture of volunteers who enthusiastically want to help.

  • When to be democratic and when you just need to make a decision!


Get the ultimate companion for Grow Your Sports Club: Win The Game!

Each module has its own workbook to support the course videos providing you with a deeper information, real-life examples, worksheets and advice to print out helping you keep your club running smoothly and growing day-by-day.

Clearly written without jargon or business-babble, this is your instant reference guide to getting things done.



Get UNLIMITED access to my Private Members Facebook Group.  This is a one time offer for your to join in with a community of sports club volunteers where you can share ideas, ask questions, and get direct personal access to me

Yes, that's right, I'm in the Facebook Group too and here to personally help you!

Don't forget to ask any questions, we're all here to help each other out (and there's no such thing as a stupid question!).

Are you ready to get
MORE MEMBERS and MORE INCOME into your community sports club NOW?


Online Training Course

Your step-by-step guide to building a thriving sports club

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  • BONUS #1 - VIDEO: How to Create A Great Membership Experience.

  • BONUS #2 - VIDEO: How to Lead Your Club to Greatness.

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I want this course to bring your club more members and more income.  And more than anything I want it to be useful to you, your colleagues and your club.

But if you try my course and you don't feel it's right for you, then I'll give you a prompt, no questions, no quibble 100% REFUND.


Managing Director - Sport Support

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Watch England Rugby Union star Rory Underwood talk about how the course will help your club

Rory Underwood MBE

England Rugby Union Player

I found that it was very easy to follow and exceptionally informative. There are many examples of best practice activities that I will immediately implement at my club.

Paul Davis

Volunteer, Barnard Castle Rugby Club

Watch England Rugby Union star Rory Underwood talk about how the course will help your club

Rory Underwood MBE

England Rugby Union Player

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  • 18 easy to follow videos that give you the key information to get more members and income into your sports club.

  • Step-by-step course workbooks that guides you through every action to grow your club.

  • Unlimited access to the course - forever!

  • 2 incredible bonus videos covering how professional sports clubs keep members and leadership. 

  • Direct access to me via the GOLD CLUB Private Member's Facebook Group.

  • A wealth of information to bring success to your sports club!

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