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Your definitive practical guide to running a successful sports club by turning your volunteers into a selling and promotional dynamo


Exactly What You're Getting

This is dramatically different from anything you've read before because it's more of a "field guide" to growing your sports club than a traditional book.

There's no filler and because I get straight to the point, you get straight to the actions you need to take to turn your sports club into a success.

I show you what to do, exactly how to do it and why.

Plus, at just 51 pages it's an easy read you can finish in an afternoon.

And you'll instantly see how you can turn the blueprint I give you into practical steps that will make your club the envy of your competitors.



My book will help your Community Sports Clubs grow.

It's written specifically for EVERYONE who works as a volunteer for a Community Sports Club.  So, it's perfect for you if you are:

  • This book is perfect for you if you are:

  • Coaching

  • On the committee

  • Fundraising

  • General volunteering

  • Working in the kitchen or behind the bar

  • Or if you are a:

  • Chairperson

  • Team manager

  • Administrator

  • Treasurer

Here's How It Will Help You

A practical companion to take you through an entire season from start to successful finish.

If you volunteer at a sports club, you're a saint.  Yes, you do it because you want the club to succeed BUT..

  • You're there before anyone else

  • You brave the British weather come rain or shine

  • You give up your weekends

  • Often you give up your evenings

  • You give up your precious time and energy for the club

  • And you DON'T GET PAID!

And sometimes, it can feel e-x-h-a-u-s-t-i-n-g?

It shouldn't though - you should feel energised, excited, enthusiastic but these are all too often rare feelings among sports club volunteers.

I've written this book to get you back in the game: To give you the plan and the tools you need to create a sports club EVERYONE will WANT TO BE PART OF.

This isn't just a book to help you, it's the definitive guide to giving you club the BEST SEASON it's ever had - starting today.


Here's the system to running a successful community sports club

Like any sport there are tactics and strategies to winning.  Running your club is no different.

Most times, when I'm brought in to troubleshoot a sports club, the biggest failing is the lack of any system.

Everyone is either 'doing their own thing', pulling in different directions or too scared to try something new.

If you've experienced this - you are not alone.  It happens even in some of the Premier clubs I've consulted for.

It's why you'll love my book.  It gives you the exact system to solve nearly every problem sports clubs face and gets you thinking in a crystal-clear way about thriving even if you're struggling now.

Inside you'll discover 3 SECTIONS covering:

Planning a successful season


Communication, sales, marketing and your community

Enhancing your club's commercial performance

What's Inside The Book


Chapter 1: Leading Your Club

Get leadership right and  your volunteers will thrive, you know where you want to be next year, you will have motivated members supporters and business partners and you'll have less conflict.

  • How to develop strong leadership to give your club direction and your volunteers guidance and motivation.
  • Learn the different leadership styles and why they need to change to suit the challenge.

  • Discover which leadership style you need to use and when.

  • Discover the only three characteristics great sports club leaders have.

Chapter 2: Finding and Keeping Volunteers

Your ability to generate income and succeed is dependent on your volunteers .


  • How to overcome your biggest challenge – finding and keeping volunteers.

  • How to get them engaged and committed even if they are busy.

  • Know the exact questions you need to ask to find the right volunteer for the right role.

  • The tactic successful clubs are using to find teams of volunteers – plus a real-life example.

Chapter 3: Pre-Season Thinking

  • Why one simple shift in your thinking can completely transform your sports club.

  • Why your brand is more powerful than you think – even if you don't think you have a brand!

  • How to build a strong brand (without spending any money)

  • Why most sports clubs don't see themselves as businesses and why that can be fatal. 

Chapter 4: Building a Winning Game

  • The painless three-step process to creating a plan that works for every sports club

  • The surprising areas of your sports club you need to understand before you have a chance of writing an effective plan. 

  •  27 questions (almost no one asks) which will put your plan on the path to greatness. 

  •  Why having a vision and goals for your club separates you from the competition (including examples!).

  • How to turn a plan into action without stress or overwhelm.

  • Actual real life example of a strategy plan – what it looks like and its content


Chapter 5: Getting the Message Out

  • How to use social media positively. Page 17

  • Spotting the bear traps of social media before you fall headlong into them. Page 17

  • The complete lowdown on how to effectively use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram to boost  your sports club. Page 18

  • Why just having a website isn't good enough and the tools you need to turn 'okay' into 'excellent'. Page 19

  • How your website can make or break the sponsorship of your club. Page 19

  • The exact content your website needs to include to start generating income automatically for you. Page 20

  • How you can turn GDPR to your advantage. P21

  • How you can use the data in your club to save up to 6 times the money you would normally spend attracting a new member.  (Even if you don't think you are spending money getting new members, you are, I'll show you how, why and where.) Page 22

  • How you can safely use your email list to generate income without falling foul of GDPR. Page 22 & 30

Chapter 6: Marketing Made Easy

  • How to grow your income through sponsorship – a step-by-step guide Pages 24-25

  • The recent change in business thinking that could stop sponsorship in its tracks and what you can do to make sure your sponsors keep spending year after year. Page 24

  • The real reasons why businesses will sponsor your club (and there are only five!). Page 24

  • The surprising untapped resources in your club every business will want (if they only knew). Page 24

  • The precise steps you need to  take in order to win sponsorship the easy way. Page 24

  • How to present to a business to win their sponsorship including; how to structure it and what to say to be successful. Page 24

  • The six forgotten areas of great email marketing and how you can use them to bring more members to your door. Page 30-31

  • 21 techniques to make the most of email marketing. Page 31

Chapter 7: How to Grow Your Membership

  • How to maximise your membership income Page 28

  • How to use different types of membership to increase your income. Page 28

  • Actual real-life example of an effective membership pricing table including how to lay it out for maximum impact. Page 29

  • How to get every member of the family involved to increase average spend at your club to hundreds of pounds per family (the top community sports clubs are earning even more than that per family per year.) Page 26

  • How to stop parents 'dropping the kids off' and instead turn them into valuable members of your club.

  • What every parent wants and needs and yet almost no clubs provide! Page 26

  • The secret sauce that strengthens the bond between families and your club is so simple it is mostly overlooked.  Inside I show you the simple steps to attract and keep family memberships. Page 27

Chapter 8: Keeping the Customer Satisfied

  • What good customer service really looks like. Page 39

  • 82% of your customers can drift away from you for one reason – here's how to stop that from happening.Page 39

  • The four simple steps to strengthening the bond between your club and your customers so it becomes unbreakable.Page 39

Chapter 8: Running Profitable Community Events

  • How to run successful events, even if you've never run one before. Page 35

  • 19 tried and tested event ideas that really work - including 11 detailed real-life examples you can use straight away Page 36-38

  • 8 ways to bring your club closer to the community and to get them supporting you. Page 33-34

  • Where to look for partnerships with the local community.  Page 34


Chapter 9: Becoming a Smooth Operator

  • How to use sales letters to boost your income. Page 41

  • The magic sales letter formula I used to generate thousands of additional members for clubs. Page 41

  • Steal my copy and use the actual paragraphs in my example letter to win more business for your club. Page 42

  • The six point, no-nonsense, checklist to running an effective meeting. Page 44

  • 22 ways to keep your meetings on track, purposeful, and deliver the best outcome for your club. P45

  • Discover what makes a great poster or flyer. Page 48

  • The easy six box formula to creating a great poster or flyer every time. Page 49

  • How simple sales calls can transform your club's results. Page 46

  • The precise structure of  a 'sales winning' call. Page 46

  • Exactly what you should say on the sales call (word for word). Page 46-47

  • How to speak to schools, parents and businesses in a way which sells your club without being salesey. Page 47



5 Amazing Event Ideas

  1. The 4 surprising results running an events creates for your club.
  2. Why you should think about NOT having your event at the clubhouse.
  3. The simple technique to get you event off the ground successfully.
  4. Why just getting 'some volunteers' together will result in failure and the ACTUAL skills your team needs to have in order to run an event
  5. How to define, locate, market, run and review your event.
  6. FIVE Real-life creative, inventive and downright examples of successful events.



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So, if you want your club to perform better on and off the field, pitch or court download the book now.

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I'm confident you'll enjoy Grow Your Sports Club and, if you follow the blueprint inside, it will transform your sports club.

But, if it doesn't or you simply don't like the book then I'll happily refund your money - no questions, no quibble.  And you can keep the book.

How fair is that!



Former England Rugby Union player and 
Chief Executive of Sussex County Cricket Club

John's book not only provides a step by step guide on how to deliver specific projects within the club like sponsorship, data management, membership and events, it also contains best practice examples, hints and tips plus advice and training for the motivated volunteer.


I am sure that from every page you will find at least one or two points that can be immediately implemented into the daily running of your club, and which will make a difference.


Good luck and well done with all your club activities.



Sports Club Growth Expert

I'm John Oates and you're probably wondering why you should listen to me?  (It's a fair question and one my family regularly ask!) 


First, like you, I love sport.  It's been one of the most positive influences on my life and on both my daughter's.  (In fact, my eldest, India, is training for the Paralympics and whilst anything can happen between now and then, sport has helped her overcome some pretty severe obstacles.)  I've seen the power of sport change so many aspects of people’s lives. It can inspire them, motivate and educate them like nothing else can.


Over the last 20 years I've been lucky enough to work directly with hundreds of clubs.  I have been engaged by Rugby Union, Rugby League, the England Cricket Board and a whole host of premier and first class clubs.


I've been fortunate to become known for supporting and inspiring volunteers because I create easy to follow and effective information they can use in their clubs to help them become brilliant at delivering and enjoying their role.


However, I have one fatal flaw (again speak to my family on this).  I'm really very impatient!  I want the people in sport to recognise 'best practice' and change now! It's why I've written books, developed courses and built the Sports Support membership site, so you don't have to wait and can get straight to the heart of making your club and it's volunteers the best it can be.


But, I know that my work is not for everyone.  There are plenty in sports who don’t know what they don’t know and aren’t prepared to listen and change - you may even know a few.  But don't let their egos hold your club back - you can take control and I will show you how in the book.  Download yourself a copy today.


Wishing you all the best in sport,





Unleash the Power of Your Volunteers


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