What does Membership of Sport Support include?

  • Each club can register up to 8 individuals to access the system.
  • The system can be accessed remotely so that volunteers can carry out tasks at a time convenient to them.
  • The monthly newsletter will be distributed to the entire database. The newsletter will contain handy hints and articles that will further enhance the user's experience.
  • The cost of the system is £145 (plus VAT) per year - That's less than £3 per week.
  • The database is a separate system; further information can be found by contacting us.
  • Download our app and get push notifications

The Yearly Planner

  • At the heart of the system is the yearly planner which provides organisation and structure for all of the club’s activities, campaigns and events.
  • By simply clicking on a date, the drop down box appears and details about the activity including what needs to be delivered, when it needs to happen and who is responsible, can be added.
  • All of the individuals who are on the clubs access list will be able to change the planner.
  • If you follow one of the How to guides with a step by step programme at the end, you will be able to add these steps to the yearly planner so that it is visible.
  • The details on the planner can be changed or deleted at any point.

The Documents

  • The “Off Season thinking”, the” Pre-Season Thinking” and the “Useful Marketing Resource” Documents will be loaded onto the system to view at any point.
  • The “How to Guides” will be sent to you at relevant points during the season and will correlate with your season, i.e. winter, summer or bespoke.
  • The Useful Marketing resources are there to support any activity within the club:
    • if the club is promoting a summer school, then having information on “How todesign a Poster” or “How to write a Sales letter” to promote the summer school will be useful.
  • There are two segments of data:
    • How to Launch a new Club
    • How to develop a sustainable Club.

All documents are available to all customers.

The Newsletter and the Facebook page

  • The Sport Support programme aims to interact with the clubs throughout the year. Every month a newsletter will be distributed with:
    • Case Studies showing Best Practice.
    • Hints and Tips from relevant areas.
    • A showcase of products that could be used by clubs and pertinent information from Governing Bodies.
  • Alongside this will be a Facebook page/group which individuals will be able to exchange ideas, ask for advice, access new information or just receive encouragement. Sport Support will be adding information to the group page to support the clubs in relevant areas.

Volunteers and Campaign development

  • As we are all aware, to attract a new volunteer is hard, especially if they think they are going to be working “flat out” all season. We know that in many clubs the trend is to bring in people to deliver small projects such a running an event, building up the database, looking to find sponsors etc.
  • Our “how to guides” fit in well with this principle. Several people can group together to plan and to deliver one aspect of the club’s business.

It's time to raise your game.

Simple, easy to engage and value for money

  • Optimise your income streams in the club
  • Be competitive, by delivering activities the competition can’t
  • Encourage a new group of volunteers to be involved in individual projects using the online How-to Guides, Training Webinars, Case Studies and a yearly planner to organise your activity
  • With training developed through 20 years’ experience in both professional and amateur sports clubs


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