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Dear Volunteer

A simple guide to help your sports club bounce back in 2021

​​The future for sports clubs looks bleak.  The pandemic has seen sports clubs revenues drop off a cliff.


Many clubs have lost up to 80% of their income.  They have fewer subs paid, lower bar takings, no events to boost the coffers and, for some, lost ticket sales.

Honestly, it's a grim picture.

And it's going to mean not all clubs will make it through - many will go to the wall.

I don't want that to happen to yours.

But there is hope.  You can get a much-needed injection of cash into your club quickly and easily.

In this FREE Download I've written for you I show you the exact steps to do this and even what to say to get businesses reaching for their cheque book.  


How This Book Will Help Your Club

  • Discover

    The 5 key things you need to know about sponsorship

  • Who, Why & How

    Building a list of companies to target who are already looking for a partner 

  • Winning Formula

    5 steps for writing the perfect sales emails and letters that grab attention

  • Sponsorship Secrets

    The different types of sponsorship your club could offer (that most clubs don't know about!)

  • Aim High!

    Why targeting the 'big boys' could pay dividends

  • Learn

    6 simple steps to building a winning sponsorship proposal

  • Capture the Castle

    Why the first 15 seconds of a sales call really matter

  • Revealed

    The 5 'real' reasons businesses buy sponsorship and why that matters to you

Do Businesses Really Have the
Money for Sponsorship Now?

As with any recession some businesses will struggle and and others will thrive...

Recently, we've seen the hospitality industry decimated whilst online retail and household goods have had bumper sales.

Proving that there are still plenty of highly successful cash rich businesses out there looking for ways to grow.

And sponsorship isn't a charitable donation - your sports club is offering something valuable in return!  ​For example, you probably have hundreds, perhaps thousands, of loyal followers (even more if you include your social media following and their friends and family).

All these people could easily be potential customers for a business.

Plus, sponsorship gives a business a foothold in the local community - helping to build their local marketplace, their brand, their reputation and relationships with their customers.  ​And what better way to do this than through your sports club.

In fact, in the coming months businesses will be looking for ways to access new local customers.

And you can help them do that by giving them a marketing platform - helping them and helping you at the same time.

So, now is the time to get out there and get sponsorship giving your club the financial boost it needs.

Now is the time to get out there and get sponsorship giving your club the financial boost it needs.




No, there isn't a catch, sales pitch or hidden agenda!

Honestly - this is an ETHICAL BRIBE!  (Yes, I know that sounds like a contradiction, but bear with me.)

Let's agree, what sports clubs are facing just now is pretty scary.

Yet, I'm sure you want to see your club thrive in months and years ahead. But sports clubs can't carry on as before - the pandemic has seen to that. We need to behave differently so we can be successful.  In order to do that, you'll need to take action and make changes.

I want to help you through that change and towards improving your sports club so you can create something you, your team and your kids can be proud of for years to come.

But human nature makes us cautious and I understand you wondering why I'm giving away such valuable information.

My aim is to help, and to do that I'm happy to take the first step with you for FREE.

If you like what I do then you'll stick with me and later on you may want to try one of my books, courses or to join my membership community. 

Meantime, get the FREE GUIDE to increasing your club's income and watch your club grow and thrive through 2021 and beyond.


Managing Director - Sport Support

I'm John Oates and I've spent over 20 years working with sports clubs and bodies around the world to help them become successful and grow.

Here are a few I've personally helped; England Cricket Board, England Rugby, Newcastle Falcons, Wigan Warriors, Premier Rugby...

I know how stressful, tiring and difficult running a sports club can be (I've a volunteer at my local rugby club for over X years now).

And I know how much effort, dedication and care you put into your club.  It's much more than just a club - it's a passion and a cause.  You want it to succeed - and I want to help you make that a reality.

So, let's get on and build your club to champion status.  Simply download my free guide now and let's begin the journey together.



A step by step guide to getting businesses to sponsor your sports club


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