Data is an extremely valuable commodity for Community Sports Clubs. It supports a range of club activities from brand building to sponsorship to event promotion. Those that strive to collect quality data from across their club will be able to attract more people to events, will increase the value of their sponsorships and be more successful in building their brands.

A Central CRM (Customer Relationship Management) database

It is essential that a club has one central database for all club data. The club must also recognise that the members only make up around 30% of the available data in the club. There are parents of the young players, individuals from the community who come to the events, corporate supporters who sponsor the club or advertise in the club, friends and families of the players who come to the club, supporters on match day and many more.

Collecting and retaining data

On the 26th May, European Law around data changes, and clubs will need to be aware of how this impacts on their club “business”. The Sport Support system has been developed to support clubs in this area. General information about the changes will be included in the system along with automation to support the following; collecting consent from individuals to be contacted, storage of their consent details, automated withdrawal of their consent, secure data storage and data collection which only collects the necessary details.

Using the data to generate income or to build brand awareness

Once the club has collected all of its available data into one place and has received consent from the individuals to use it for agreed purposes, the club can use it in a simple and straightforward way to their benefit.


Clubs now run events that attract individuals from their local communities as well its members. The CRM allows individuals to be targeted who have been to club events.


The more individuals a sponsor can directly promote their brand to via the club the more valuable the sponsorship is.

A sale of club merchandise, summer schools and the club facilities – to survive the club needs to sell its “inventory”, and a CRM capability makes this simple and straightforward.

Building and Tracking simple sales campaigns

The benefit of the Central CRM system is that it can build up a target list of individuals that are interested in what you are selling or promoting. This could be an event, membership or training programme. The CRM also allows you to find out:

  • Who opened the email and is therefore interested.
  • Who didn’t open it and would need to be contacted again.
  • If the mail “bounces,”(returned to sender) it is automatically removed from the list.
  • If there is a link in the email to further information, it tells you who opened the link and
  • Who to send follow up emails to.

How to Guides included in the system

The system also includes step by step guides on a range of topics including “How to build Sponsorship”, How to build membership, how to write an email etc. These easy to follow guides also act as projects which attract individuals to become involved with the club for a short-term period. This is a great way to introduce new people to volunteering and grow the volunteer workforce.

Launching June 2018

Buying the System

The cost of the system including all of the guides, the email tracking, the GDPR automation and support is only £230 (Plus VAT) per year.

Register your interest before the end of May 2018 and receive an exclusive 10% Discount on your first year!


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Guides, email, tracking, GDPR automation & support for only £230 + VAT per year