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Sport Support is the essential year-round marketing organiser for successful community sports clubs. We provide easy to understand practical online guidance on how to sell your club to your community. This includes guidance with sponsorship, building memberships, attracting families to the club, events for the community, facility hire and much more.

We provide everything you need to know about building social media content, database management, community links, communication, retaining all stakeholders and activity planning.

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Simple, easy to engage and great value

Throughout the year, the club will receive regular webinars, simple “how to” guides in building sponsorship, creating successful events, community interaction or engaging with members.

A pre-populated template will allow the club to add further details on who is doing what, by when and what the outcome should be.

In no time, volunteers will be effortlessly building social media content, managing data, engaging with the community, local businesses and people who want to hire their facilities and much much more.

All this for less than £3 per week.

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Year-round guidance

Our yearly activity organiser guides you every step of the way, all year round. Our organisers are tailored to both summer and winter sports, ensuring your focus is in the right place throughout the year.

How-to guides and Webinars

Our comprehensive how-to guides and Webinars provide step-by-step guidance of what needs to be done and when. From sponsorship and membership to data management and social media strategy, our booklets include all aspects of running a successful sports club.

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Help with every detail

Off-Season Thinking

  • Data – a key factor in the success of the club
  • Building a club Brand and selling the club
  • Building up a volunteer workforce
  • Creating a basic plan/strategy

Pre-Season Activity

  • Setting up a Facebook page – the basics
  • Enhancing your Facebook page – the basics
  • Growing Membership
  • Selling the Club to participants
  • Developing your Twitter account – the basics
  • How to Tweet and Retweet – the basics

Yearly Campaigns

  • Building Sponsorship
  • How to interact with your Community
  • How to run successful events
  • Social Media – Linkedin, You Tube and how to enhance the channels you use
  • Match Day/event day – how to promote your event day as well as sell sponsorship, tickets and hospitality
  • How to attract and retain
  • Customer Service – retaining members and supporters
  • Communication channels

Useful Marketing Materials & Background

  • How to write a sales letter
  • How to make a telephone call
  • How to run a meeting
  • Building up a Financial Budget
  • How to build an effective web site
  • Designing an effective poster
  • Monthly newsletters
  • Facebook page for all of the group

Weekly planner

At the heart of the system is a weekly planner which provides organisation and structure for all of the club’s activities, campaigns and events. This can be updated and viewed by all of your volunteers.

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Useful Marketing Resources

The Club needs to project a “professional image” to all of its potential stakeholders or “customers”. This section provides the club with information on how it can project a business-like image with information about writing sales letters, making sales telephone calls, how to run meetings, how to design posters and much more.

Sport Support will be there to help you every step of the way

Facebook GroupFacebook Group – providing an opportunity to exchange ideas, to find advice, encouragement and peer group support.

Monthly NewsletterMonthly newsletter – include hints, tips, best practice examples, updates and further training.

It's time to raise your game.

Simple, easy to engage and value for money

  • Optimise your income streams in the club
  • Be competitive, by delivering activities the competition can’t
  • Encourage a new group of volunteers to be involved in individual projects using the online How-to Guides, Training Webinars, Case Studies and a yearly planner to organise your activity
  • With training developed through 20 years’ experience in both professional and amateur sports clubs


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